ORDER OF ELECTION FOR MUNICIPALITIES

An election is hereby ordered to be held on ___November 3rd, 2020_____________ for the purpose of:

Avery City Council
Seat Two
Seat Four

Early voting by personal appearance will be conducted each weekday at

                            _Woman’s_Exhibit_Building at the Red River County Fairgrounds_located at 909 Fairgrounds Rd,

                                                                                   Clarksville, Texas 75426

between the hours of _8:00____ a.m. and __5:00______p.m. beginning______October 13, 2020__________ and ending on ___October 30, 2020_____.

Applications for ballot by mail shall be mailed to:

                                                                   Shawn Weemes, Red River County Clerk

                                                                   200 North Walnut St.

                                                                   Clarksville, Texas 75426

Applications for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on October 23, 2020.

Issued this the __10th_________ day of _August______________________, 20 20_____.  

Early Voting starts October 13th and goes through October 30th.  The hours for Early Voting is as follows:

Oct. 13 through Oct. 16 will be from 7am to 7pm

Oct. 17 will be from 9am to 4pm

Oct. 19 through Oct 23 will be from 7am to 7pm

Oct. 24 will be from 9am to 4pm

Oct. 26 through Oct. 30 will be from 7am to 7pm

All Early Voting will be at the Women's Exhibit Building at the Red River County Fair Grounds.

Please help spread the word.

This will not only be for the Presidential, but also for the City of Avery.

  CANDIDATES FOR THE AVERY CITY COUNCIL ​​​2020 Election            MAYOR:                              

                                       Alex Ackley

                                       Kris Posey

​         SEAT TWO:                              

                                      Tracey Lambert

                                       Thomas Chesshire

​         SEAT FOUR:

​                                       Frank Estes


 Yearly Elections

Every year there is a chance that Avery will conduct an election. In order for there to be an election, there must be at least two opponents running for the same seat or office. On even numbered years the Mayor, Seat 2 Council, and Seat 4 Council come up for election. On odd numbered years Seat 1 council, Seat 3 council, and Seat 5 council come up for election. The only exception to this is if the current Seat or Office member was appointed. The law for our Type A General Law City is: The appointed may hold office until the next General Election (not till the end of term). This law is to allow the citizens the choice through election instead of the governing board controlling the full term. If you have any questions , please feel free to contact your city secretary at (903) 684-3825.

Election Costs

Each City pays a yearly fee to their Voter Registrar for the use of the electronic Voting Booth/s- $1114.00 estimated; The price for ballots, voting machine programming and mailing - $1575.00 estimated; 1 Early Voting and 1 Election Day Kit - $ 145.00 estimated; Early Voting Clerk, Judge, and other clerks need to be paid as well - $600 - $700 estimated.

As you can see with this approximate $3,500 investment - will everyone please COME AND VOTE