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Solid Waste Service Fees

Single Poly Cart                  = $24.00

Add a Second Poly Cart      = $17.00

Commercial dumpster will need to be provided through Sanitation Solutions.

Call 903-784-0124


The City of Avery maintains its own Class B sewer system.

Solid Waste

The City of Avery contracts with Sanitation Solutions to provide its citizens a solid waste solution and a weekly pick up schedule on Tuesdays.

The City of Avery also provides a clean-up service twice a year (Mid May and Mid November) where 2 large roll off dumpster are brought in down at the sewer plant for its citizens to be able to throw away their large items at no extra cost.

Help keep Avery Clean.

Water fees


first 1000 gallon minimum       = $27.10

over 1000 gallons min.            = $  3.50

Reconnect Fee                       = $35.00

Disconnect Fee                          $50.00

Meter Re-Read Fee                = $  5.00

Late Fee after the 15th              $20.00

Water Meter Deposits

Home Owner                         = $100.00

Home Renter                         = $250.00


The City of Avery purchases its water from Texarkana Water Utilities. TWU obtains its water from two separate sources. The Millwood Water Treatment Plant and the Wright Patman Water Treatment Plant.


Sewer Fees

Residential                    = $22.50

Commercial                   = $24.00